This Max for Live device allows you to process MIDI streams and separate out the lowest or highest note out of several simultaneously held notes.

The Hi/Lo switch allows you to choose whether to separate the highest note or lowest note and the interface will change to reflect this.

The 2 big buttons labeled “Remainder” and “Lo Note/Hi Note” allow you to toggle the throughput allowing 6 possibilities:

– All notes thru
– Highest note only
– All notes except the highest note
– Lowest note only
– All notes except the lowest note
– No notes thru

Disclaimer: when this device is loaded it checks my website for updates and will notify you and offer a direct download of the newest version of the device if one is available. If you choose to ignore the notification then it will never do this again. When checking for updates it downloads a small .txt file so will not affect your internet connection.


Hi/Lo MIDI Filter v1

 This version includes no automatic update notification functionality: 
Hi/Lo MIDI Filter v1 no updates