Manual CC Mapper allows you to map CCs without having to use Live’s in-built MIDI mapping functionality. Mapping CCs in this way offers a number of advantages over using Ableton’s MIDI mapping:

– Record CC value changes into an arrangement view or session view clip without having to use Ableton’s Automation Arm.

– Use multiple CC Mappers for different MIDI mapping configurations easily switched on/off. Different CC mappings for different tracks.

– Automate CCs mapped, min/max range values.

– Write your own notes for organization, see several CC values visually in one place.

– Preserve CC mappings when importing tracks from other Live sets through Live’s browser

– Differentiate between separate MIDI controllers that send similar CC information

Disclaimer: when this device is loaded it checks my website for updates and will notify you and offer a direct download of the newest version of the device if one is available. If you choose to ignore the notification then it will never do this again. When checking for updates it downloads a small .txt file so will not affect your internet connection.


Manual CC Mapper v2
fixed an issue where having multiple instances in the same live set caused a “read file” prompt to appear.

 This version includes no automatic update notification functionality: 
Manual CC Mapper v2 no updates

 Old versions: 

Manual CC Mapper v1
Manual CC Mapper v1 no updates